Sub-consciously chasing that DNF by Ian Mulry

    Sub-consciously chasing that DNF by Ian Mulry Somebody recently asked me why I keep doing all these ‘crazy things’.  My usual answer is to challenge myself and become a stronger person from it.  But then I thought about it for a while….am I just sub-consciously searching for a DNF? I began running with LFR around […]

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  • Dai Mal

    Welsh 1000m race 2017 by David Malatynski

    Welsh 1000m Race 2017 Welsh 1000m Race 2017 Class: Short Challenge Race, 12km over rugged terrain including three 1000m peaks (Glyder Fawr 1001m, Carnedd Ugain 1065m, Snowdon 1085m).   The race was delayed due to the usual briefing, but the weather was shining and everyone was in good spirits. Both the Short Fell and Challenge […]

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  • Musings of a Runner

    I know people start running for all sorts of reasons – returning to an old sport, to meet new people, for your health or even for a challenge. I started 8 years ago to get fit – and because Dan (my husband – then boyfriend) ran. I stupidly thought it was something we could do […]

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  • screen-capture-10

    Never mind the Sex Pistols, Here’s Dan’s Bo@&$£%s

    I sat there with the family in the Café at Rushmere Country Park after a cold winter morning’s work as volunteer / dad at Park Run, when a member of the committee looking for a club captain accosted Vicky. ”Of course he will”, she said! “He’ll be great”, they said. “He does most things anyway”, […]

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