• 2 female athletes and stopwatch

    Coaching Sessions

    Could you benefit from Coaching?   You may (or may not) be aware that I recently passed my Coach In Run Fitness qualification – and that I have a role within the club as a Coach. So in this weeks blog I’m posing a question for you…..could YOU benefit from coaching? Firstly, let me try […]

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  • runner

    Leighton 10

    On Sunday morning the sun didn’t shine, The wind was blowing and the warmth was fine.   Team LFR hosted a race, To test the locals running pace.   10k was the distance – that’s not far, Well not when you’re driving in a car!   Marshals, bakers, starters and car-park staff. The volunteers were […]

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  • cross-country

    Cross country or Bake Off

    Today was the annual hosting of the 3 Counties Cross Country event hosted by LFR (just incase you missed it on Facebook, the weekly comms, club nights, talk of the town etc). For me today it was more about marshalling and supporting rather than running (doctors orders at present!). So having arrived just about on […]

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  • elliptigo

    Not trained for this…

    Run a marathon…with no training…..what???? For those that are regular readers of my blog, you’ll no doubt be aware that I have had to vastly reduce the number of miles I run each week. As such I have mostly been focusing on events that are a shorter distance – however last weekend provided something of […]

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  • edale

    Edale Skyline Run

    This week’s adventuring took myself, Captain Rob, Paul Little and Chris Taylor oop North to the Peak District. I almost didn’t make the trip, as I had been ill in the week, and it wasn’t until Friday where I started to feel ok again. So rather that worry about the trip – I figured to […]

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  • A clock character running. Concept for running out of time or work life balance.

    Four time saving work outs

    No time to spare for a run??? Only got half an hour?? Let’s face it – life can be pretty damn busy. Whether its work, the kids, school run, doing the shopping, whatever it is, there’s plenty of things that can get in the way of runs you have planned. So for this week’s blog, […]

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  • tired

    A tough week

    A tough week So this week at wrong pace scenario has left me with pretty tired legs. I’ve been trying to mix up my training and get in some cross training – which is great, but sometimes I should perhaps seek a little more active rest!   Monday was originally going to be a day […]

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  • three girls

    Drinking in the club spirit

    This week I had the pleasure in joining 19 other LFR members at the Bearbrook 10km road race.   This race is fairly local, so there is always a good turnout – both from LFR and other local clubs – and today was no exception. The weather was perfect for running, around16 degrees and overcast, […]

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  • bones

    Sometimes you have to adjust your goals….

    OK – its confession time here at ‘worst pace scenario’ It’s been around three weeks since my last blog – and a lot has happened since then. Many of you may already know that last September I was diagnosed with Osteoporosis – (also known as brittle bones) – if you didn’t know, then you probably […]

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  • beer

    Witnessing Something Special (brew)?

      Its not often you are able to witness an amazing performance or achievement, which makes it extremely special when you do see something incredible. Thursday this week was…..well ok lets just call it weird! Post the usual Thursday speed and stamina session, a duel of clubs had been organised. I was unable to make […]

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