• cross-training

    Should I run?

    Is just running really the best training.   Its easy to get drawn in to just running for exercise – let’s face it we’re in a running club….but is running on its own a good idea – or is it better to ‘cross train’ (ie take part in a different type of exercise) alongside, or […]

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  • A month as a fun runner

    A Month as a Fun Runner

    A month as a fun runner….      May is crazy, packed and busy, So much happening – makes me dizzy, MK – concrete cows and roundabouts, Mile 21 rocks – have no doubts.   Takeover at Rushmere Parkrun, It seems even Anthony had some fun, Mentmore social –yep another cow We managed to avoid them […]

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  • lonely shoe

    The Lonely Running Shoe

    The lonely running shoe.. A poem about how it feels to be a runners neglected trainer….   C’mon, slip me on – let’s go for a run, You know, this really could be fun.   It’s been ages since we went cruising, Is there some new shoe you’ve been using?   Great times we had […]

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  • crutches with running shoes

    To Run…or not to Run

    To run or not to run…   No poems or tales of adventure this week – just a question. If you are training for an upcoming event (of any distance) and you have picked up an injury – should you try and carry on training – or should you rest up and let the injury […]

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  • piper

    Don’t Tempt the Piper..

    An attempt at a poem about 1st time marathon running….   Don’t tempt the piper… There once was a runner boy from Leighton, Who’s three mates said lets run a marathon,   It will be fun; you’ll love it they said, So they all entered Beachy Head,   It was the first marathon for this […]

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  • Tips for Cold Weather Running

    Wear several thin layers (wicking material if possible), rather than one thick layer. This way if you warm up you can take a layer off to adjust – if you only have one thick layer on this becomes tricky! Wear a coat or top with a full length zip – again you can open and […]

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