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    LFR parkrun according to TC

    What is parkrun If you had a dictionary the definition of Parkrun would be - a free, timed, 5k run in pleasant parkland surroundings in thousands of locations around the world. They are open to everyone, are safe and easy to take part in. Just register on the dedicated website, print your personal barcode and away

  • couch25k

    My couch to 5k experience by Claire Bartlett

    My couch to 5k experience In July 2017 I needed a new fitness challenge. I was currently spending up to £90.00 per month on my fitness regime and about 8 hours a week in time! I was getting no-where fast with my weight loss and seemed to be working really

  • XC

    Drunken discussion overheard in the Black Lion 3 years ago…..

    Drunken discussion overheard in the Black Lion 3 years ago..... "What's wrong with you" I asked, "Really! Me, run up that hill!! But it's covered in mud! What do you mean there's a stream to jump when you get round the corner! Is this what you normally do for fun

  • Leighton 5K 2017 poster

    What makes a race a great event? by Vicky Green

    I recently read an interesting stream of chat on Facebook about the price of entry in to a race in London. There was some disgruntlement about being asked to pay so much for a 10k and why would you pay this when you can do a local, club-run event for

  • 2 female athletes and stopwatch

    Coaching Sessions by Coach Warby

    Coaching sessions – what to expect if you turn up…. You may have seen / heard that over the last six or seven weeks I have been offering a coaching session on Sunday evenings at Billington Park track. There have been a few club members attending, and I’ve been trying

  • Alicia

    The Ultimate Cliche! by Alicia Higham

    The Ultimate Cliche I am a massive cliche. I got engaged and started running in order to 'get in shape' for my wedding. When I say running, I mean dragging myself to a fairly manky gym near my office in London and punishing myself on a treadmill amidst the smell

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    Thursday and we’re tired again!

    Thursday and we're tired again! Another week of our lives has nearly passed by and the Green family have again reached the level of tiredness that only those with children will understand! How do we do it I've been asked? There are many things that bring it all together but

  • 2 female athletes and stopwatch

    Coaching Sessions

    Could you benefit from Coaching?   You may (or may not) be aware that I recently passed my Coach In Run Fitness qualification – and that I have a role within the club as a Coach. So in this weeks blog I’m posing a question for you…..could YOU benefit from

  • MK Marathon Marshals

    What it is like to Volunteer

    What it is like to Volunteer So far this year Leighton Fun Runners have had the pleasure to be involved in 3 epic races which have seen plenty of the club members not only running but also working just as hard behind the scenes to make sure everyone has an amazing

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    LFR team spirit by Dan Green

    LFR Team Spirit My goals for this year are to go sub 40 minutes at 10 and sub 19 at 5k and that day was the Regents Park 10k. I've been training hard for months to try and knock 30 seconds off my pb and thought this would be the