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    Getting to Know You – Tracy Cardno

    Getting to Know You - Tracy Cardno   I have a guest appearance on my blog this week.  The club is growing bigger every week and its getting harder for members to know who everyone is so thought this would be a nice way of getting to know some of

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    Not trained for this…

    Run a marathon…with no training…..what???? For those that are regular readers of my blog, you’ll no doubt be aware that I have had to vastly reduce the number of miles I run each week. As such I have mostly been focusing on events that are a shorter distance – however

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    The LFR Band’s first gig

    Looking back I was surprised that no one had thought of it before, an actual LFR band…although perhaps not the sort that you’d think. LFR have always been known for delivering fantastic, vociferous support at events and races, you only have to look at our XC events and see how

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    Club Trips: Amsterdam 2016

      We came, we saw, we conquered! Who said that originally? Not sure, but it’s a very applicable phrase for the club’s trip to Amsterdam last week. Waking up at 3am to catch the 6am red-eye flight out of Luton, I am sure I speak for the others by saying

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    Edale Skyline Run

    This week’s adventuring took myself, Captain Rob, Paul Little and Chris Taylor oop North to the Peak District. I almost didn’t make the trip, as I had been ill in the week, and it wasn’t until Friday where I started to feel ok again. So rather that worry about the

  • A clock character running. Concept for running out of time or work life balance.

    Four time saving work outs

    No time to spare for a run??? Only got half an hour?? Let’s face it – life can be pretty damn busy. Whether its work, the kids, school run, doing the shopping, whatever it is, there’s plenty of things that can get in the way of runs you have planned.

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    Being Seen & Being Safe

    Be Safe & Be Seen There is no avoiding it the dark nights are here to stay.  Club members safety is really important all year round but even more so now as we are back to pounding the pavement. Not only do we have cars to contend with but we

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    Last Minute Race Planning

    In exactly 2 weeks I’ll be in Amsterdam with LFR for the Marathon and Half-Marathon and can’t wait. The training plan has gone well for a change. Ok, so what I mean by that is that training has been ok. Well, by ‘ok’ I mean its not gone badly. This

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    Longest Injury-Free Period

    I’ve been running a long time, perhaps 12 years in a ‘sort of regular’ way and perhaps ‘on and off’ for the 14 years preceding that. The ‘off’ periods being more influential than the ‘on’ periods of course, but that’s another story. Along the way, I’ve had all manner of

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    LFR Rocks

    This year running has been tough. An injury in February set me back way more psychologically than physically and my mojo has been off somewhere else doing its own thing ever since. Running has not only been hard but also not very enjoyable. About 6 weeks ago I had to