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    Runs don’t always have to be races

    RUNS don't always have to be RACES We must have all done it. Had a look on Strava or race times and thought 'eek! So and so who was slower than me just beat my PB!' I know I have. Most of us also go into a race with a

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    It all comes down to this…..

    So for the last 18 weeks I have been training for Milton Keynes Marathon – 381 miles ran, an average 3-4 runs a week of anywhere up to 35 miles. Over this time I have got PB’s in all distances from 1 mile to 20 miles, yet there is only

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    The Lonely Running Shoe

    The lonely running shoe.. A poem about how it feels to be a runners neglected trainer….   C’mon, slip me on – let’s go for a run, You know, this really could be fun.   It’s been ages since we went cruising, Is there some new shoe you’ve been using?

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    To Run…or not to Run

    To run or not to run…   No poems or tales of adventure this week – just a question. If you are training for an upcoming event (of any distance) and you have picked up an injury – should you try and carry on training – or should you rest

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    Paris as a supporter

    This weekend 16 of us boarded a train bound for Paris. For some it was to add another marathon to their growing list of achievements, for one it was to run her first (well done Debbie) and for the rest of us it was to to cheer as loud as

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    What happened to the fun?

    With the benefit of hindsight, I’ll wager that all the things that end up pear-shaped in life will all have seemed like a good idea at the time. They may have even started with some small innocuous sentence. Here are some classics… Lets just go for a quick drink, yeah

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    Don’t Tempt the Piper..

    An attempt at a poem about 1st time marathon running….   Don’t tempt the piper… There once was a runner boy from Leighton, Who’s three mates said lets run a marathon,   It will be fun; you’ll love it they said, So they all entered Beachy Head,   It was

  • Tips for Cold Weather Running

    Wear several thin layers (wicking material if possible), rather than one thick layer. This way if you warm up you can take a layer off to adjust – if you only have one thick layer on this becomes tricky! Wear a coat or top with a full length zip –

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    Carrie – Out of Action

    So back in January, Captain Rob blogged about staying injury free, I must have missed that one!  So the last few weeks I have been trying to keep myself from turning into a couch potato whilst I've been out of action, but here are a few of the things that

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    No Pressure

    There are some golden rules for race day that explain how to maximise your race day experience and give you the best possible conditions to grab a PB. Things like hydrating and resting properly in the days leading up to a race, arriving in good time and eating sensibly the