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    Learning Again

    The great thing about running is that it you can never stop learning new stuff, like how to run downhill properly which is what I’ve had to learn recently. Sounds like something you don’t need a lesson in right? You just run, but…downhill. No. Apparently there’s a right way, and

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    Trail running for fitness

    Trail Running and XC for Fitness. So with the start of the Cross Country (XC) season a matter of weeks away, thoughts turn to preparations for this. For many, the mere mention of XC brings back memories from school of running across a field on a damp November morning wishing

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    Mind over matter

    Yesterday was the Dunstable Downs Trail Challenge Marathon. Running 27.5 miles over local hilly trails gives you plenty of time to think. To be precise, four and a half hours of time to think. It was a tough course but like all events, as you move towards the latter stages,

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    End of summer (part 2)

      Most people are probably thinking the same thing this week, so how did it get to September so quickly? Back to the school runs, back to work back to dark evening runs. Also after a summer of little activity a lot of runners will be hoping to ‘up’ their

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    End of summer (part 1)

    Apart from the theory about when summer is supposed to end, anyone thinking that it may actually still be here would be, sadly, very wrong. A brief single-day last hurrah last weekend and it was gone. Anyone out running yesterday will testify to the dismal autumnal conditions. But that’s not

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    Group runs

    Group Running and training   Who doesn’t like a good group social run? That’s right. No-one. Group runs are a fantastic way to turn your weekend run into something a bit more pleasurable, especially if the runs are longer and you need to get some miles in. The runs are

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    Some of you may know that at LFR we now run periodic podiatry sessions from the clubhouse on a club night. The aim of such sessions is primarily about raising awareness of running gait and the biomechanics of running and how this can impact you. With the plethora of running