1. The championship year starts the day after the MK Marathon, and ends on the day of the next years MK Marathon. In the event that the MK Marathon is no longer held or is no longer held at the start of May, the championship year will be defined by the London Marathon dates. The dates for the championship year will be displayed prominently to aid clarity.
  2. The championship year is not aligned to the membership year. To submit a time to the championship you must be a current full member on the day of the race. Technically, the championship could be awarded to a none-member providing all their races were completed while they were full club members.
  3. The times recorded at any EA or ARC accredited event are eligible to count towards the Club Championship. Only official recorded race times (chip will be given priority over gun) will be accepted. Personally recorded times are not acceptable.
  4. The times from Timed LFR members only events will also be eligible (eg Watchless races)
  5. The championship comprises of 3 core distances, plus any other 2 events of 5Miles or more. You must complete one of each of the core events, which are:
      • A Milton Keynes or Leighton Buzzard 5K Park Run
      • A 10K race from the core-race list
      • A half marathon from the core-race list

    You may enter up to two times for the same distance

  6. Most improved. A new award for the most improved runner (based on percentage improvement) will be created. All runners who complete the championship will be eligible.
  7. The championship will be split into two leagues. The “Tracey Dodd” league will be for runners who average 65points per race and who have completed 4 or more different championship events. The “LFR” league is open to all club members. For more details on these leagues and the scoring systems please look HERE.
  8. Participation trophies. Everybody who completes the championship will receive an award to recognise and reward their commitment.
  9. It is the member’s responsibility to notify the Championship secretary (championship@leightonfunrunners.org.uk) whenever a faster qualifying time is achieved.
  10. To submit a time, members must send date of birth, the name of the event, the official race time and a URL to the results page (wherever possible)
  11. Race results must be submitted within 1 calendar month of the event.
  12. Results will be collected by the Championship Secretary. Times will be adjusted for age (as of the championship start date) & gender using the http://www.runnersworld.com/tools/age-grade-calculator and the 2015 WMA data.
  13. All points from each event are then totalled to give a final championship figure. The higher the aggregate score the higher the place in the championship league.
  14. At the end of the season, the points are added together to reach a grand total. Awards are made for 1st, 2nd & 3rd. As the points are already adjusted for Age & Gender, the final awards are not split by gender or age. You MUST have completed all 5 championship events to receive any trophy.
  15. 2nd Claim Club Members – For those members with dual membership with another club, for a time to count in the LFR Championship you must enter the race with LFR as your club.
  16. LFR will remind members about core events on Facebook, in the weekly newsletter and at club nights.