Parkrun Takeover


NEXT PARKRUN TAKEOVER: Saturday 28th July 2018

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What is parkrun?

parkrun is a series of volunteer-led runs that take place on Saturday mornings all over the country, utilising the safe, familiar environment of a park to organise a 3 mile dash. It encourages the young and old, the fit and the unfit, the athletes and the amateurs to come together and run in a friendly, common environment for fun or to improve. 

Our nearest parkrun?

Since the tester runs last summer, and the inauguration last autumn, the Rushmere parkrun has been a huge success. This is the local LFR parkrun and we often see LFR runners there and more often see LFR helping organise the runs.

What is an LFR Takover?

As part of its running schedule LFR alongside the towns other athletics clubs will from time to time, pick a date to attend Rushmere parkrun as a club. This will mean LFR volunteering to organise, and encouraging as many club runners as possible to turn up. We will have our flags out to promote the club and of course, LFR kit should be worn by our runners that have it so we can all collectively feel part of the experience as well as promoting the club. We would like to stress that for our newer club runners that might not yet have any club kit, that this should not be a barrier to taking part, which is the important thing. LFR kit can be purchased by contacting our kit and equipment secretary in advance, who will advise. Contact Information 

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