Drunken discussion overheard in the Black Lion 3 years ago…..


Drunken discussion overheard in the Black Lion 3 years ago.....

"What's wrong with you" I asked, "Really! Me, run up that hill!! But it's covered in mud! What do you mean there's a stream to jump when you get round the corner! Is this what you normally do for fun on a winters morning! Oh, tea, rolls and cake you say! Oh, F@&k it, I'm in. Must be your round". I understand that this is how most people get into cross country.

So I signed up to run in the Three Counties Cross Country league for LFR after being a club member for one month. Some may say that I should've known better, others that there is no better fun. I couldn't agree more with the latter.
My first race was Dunstable on a cold damp Sunday morning, taking on a few hills and a little mud. I only knew a few club members at this point but during the 5m trek I met So many more amazing runners, Martin, Colin, Graeme and Ed and they all mentioned the cake. The other amazing thing I picked up on was the team spirit and great sense of fun that comes with XC.
So what's it all about? Well, it's no different to any other race except it's on trails, grass and mud. Each race is approximately 4-5m distance for which I suggest you invest in Trail shoes or even spikes if the weather has been particularly damp! As a full club member, entry is free as are the rolls, tea and cake after running. For anyone who has taken part in XC or Greensand and experienced the amazing camaraderie, this is your year to give XC a blast. We want to see a monumental turnout (whatever your speed) for LFR, just like there has been at road races this year, and this is how you do it.
Email Jane with your name, age and date of birth.
There are five races in the season and as LFR (the amazing Jane and her team) are organising the league, we won't be hosting a race for the next two years:
22nd Oct - Wellingborough
12th Nov - Wootton
26th Nov - Dunstable
17th Dec - Letchworth
14th Jan - Biggleswade
There will be a warm up club run on 14th October as a bit of fun or the warm up race on 15th October at Ampthill, which a rather young Mo Farah once won.
There is also the Bedfordshire XC championship on Saturday 6th January which is at Stowe National Trust property where we plan to enter a team.
So sign up and join the party (do bring spare shoes and a warm top)

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