LFR Plogging Run


Plogging is back! 

What is plogging?
'Plogging' is a Swedish fitness trend that combines running with picking up litter. 

Who can come?
Anyone and everyone!

What do we do?
The idea is that we meet up and set out on a run to pick up litter as we go. 

Do I need to be a fast runner?
No! No particular pace, it will be suitable for everyone.

Everyone can join in, run and pick up some litter. The more that take part, the more running we'll do and the more litter we'll pick up.

Our friends at Morrisons have kindly agreed to provide bags and gloves for those taking part.

All you need to do is turn up for this great cause. We can all do a little something for the community and no matter if we pick up one crisp packet or one hundred, it all counts and the more of you that can come, the greater the awareness, and the more we'll clean up.