A tough week

A tough week

So this week at wrong pace scenario has left me with pretty tired legs. I’ve been trying to mix up my training and get in some cross training – which is great, but sometimes I should perhaps seek a little more active rest!


Monday was originally going to be a day off from training – however the weather was so nice that Box End Lake over near Bedford was calling to me. After work I popped over there with Ian Mulry, and we swam just under a mile round the lake. Open water swimming is something that’s fairly new to me – I’ve really only been doing it for about a month – so for Ian this was most likely a nice leisurely swim – but for me it’s still pretty hard work. The swim took around 35 mins – and by then that was plenty.


Tuesday saw the return of the ‘Tough 5’ to the LFR calendar. For those that haven’t tried it – the clue is in the name – its 5 miles of up down up down up (oh did I mention the up). The route covers approx. one and a half laps, including St Marys Way, Knaves Hills, Bideford Green, Derwent Road, Soulbury Road…repeat. For the first mile or two I stuck with Dan Green and Andrew Heale – but I knew this wasn’t working for me – and I would be better to run my own race. So I dropped my pace slightly, and tried to concentrate on keeping a good form, and increasing the effort with each passing mile. By mile 3 or so Dan and Andrew were out of site, but I just kept on trying to stick to the plan. As we started the second loop of Knaves Hill I started catching glimpses of Andrew – and so had something to focus on and someone to chase. Passing mile four I upped the effort again and could tell I was closing on Andrew. Just before passing Greenleas school I caught him, and urged one big push for the finish  (expecting him to speed up and just run away from me) but he was already pushing at his limit – so I pulled slightly ahead, and then tried to maintain speed to the finish line, where Sparky and Verity were waiting…On finishing I managed to avoid being sick (always a bonus) and was really pleased to see I had beaten my previous best on the course by around 1min 40secs. Next time this event is hosted by the club – I really recommend it – yes its hard, but its great training for races.


Wednesday was Fartlek night – this week being hosted by Ian Mulry. Having pushed hard on the Tough 5 I really had no idea how the legs would respond – they felt pretty heavy- but after a warm up – they felt ok – and then the whistle blew and it was time to push hard. Its been a while since I’ve been to Fartlek as a participant – so wanted to make the most of it – as this is such good training – by the end of the evening I was toast!

Thursday was originally supposed to be a rest day – but I managed to sneak in a session of Pilates, and some wrist strengthening exercises – I’m recovering from breaking my wrist a few months back, so these unfortunately are a necessary torture.

Friday was fairly quiet – but I did manage to sneak in some hill reps whilst my eldest daughter was at her gymnastics class – taking my up to my 12.5 mile limit for the week. (there is a lovely field just behind the Billington Park running track, and running through the golden wheat as the sun goes down is pretty cool).

Saturday was finally the rest day that I had been planning all week – knowing that Sunday would be pretty hard. Sunday I tackled my first Sportive bike ride on my Elliptigo. For those that haven’t seen one, its kind of an Elliptical machine you would see in the gym, but with wheels and brakes (but no seat). I was taking on the ABF Charity ride from Stanbridge. There were different distance options available, and plenty of LFR’s were there, choosing from 26, 35, 50 or 64 miles. I tackled the 35 miles and rode with Clive Daniels (also on an Elliptigo) and Captain Rob on his mountain bike. By the end of the 35 miles I was pretty tired – and the ‘hog roast’ at the end was extremely welcome. So as I sit here typing this (whilst eldest daughter is in her swimming class) I feel pretty worn out…..

Right enough of that – now what’s on next week…oh Club 5km + cake (cool) I’m hosting Fartlek (watch out kids)….and might sneak in a swim and Elliptigo ride here and there too…..


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