Drunk in 8 minutes aka the beer mile

Yes it’s that time of year again when the local Coop sells out of 4 packs of 5% cans. So for those who have never done it – oh buy 4 cans of 330ml alcoholic beverages. Down one then run 400m, repeat 4 times without being sick (or you get a forfeit lap 🀒)

So the Tri club joined us and took on the challenge. Drink one was good but lap one was hard trying to burp without vomit! Beers 2 amd 3 slipped down with slightly slower laps and a burning pain inside. Beer 4 was followed by what felt like the fastest yet with the end in sight.

Did I mention that LBAC didn’t show! Must be following last years defeat!

Loved it – will I do it again HELL YEAH

#beermile #drinkingandrunning #LFRROCKS

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