• Group run

    Weekly Group Runs: A Guide To Pace

    As a member of LFR you will be wanting to join in on our weekly group runs. We have a number of options for every ability and fitness level. If you are new to running or to the LFR team, you may want to know which group pace is best

  • Meet Our Members: Will Langdon

    My running journey started about three years ago, it was not something I’d really done outside of school, I did participate in a couple of cross-country events whilst at Leighton Middle but that was quite some time ago! My sister Emma is the sporty one in the family she did

  • The Running Injury Learning Curve by Emily McClelland

    WHAT HAPPENED… On the final half mile of the Tuesday evening club run I pushed hard wanting to get that all important sprint finish in…. That’s when I felt a sharp unknown pain on my knee across the knee cap. I ignored it and finished the run. My knee ached

  • Continental 24-Hour Thunder Run – Gav’s Blog

    So the name itself may sound like an event ONLY for the super gnarly, ultra fit, ultra strong, ultra everything, and slightly disturbed. This is not the case, If I can do it AND enjoy it, anyone can. This is my take on a super fun 48 hours outdoors... The

  • My “Only” Marathon by James P Smith

    MY “ONLY” MARATHON Marathon /ˈmarəθ(ə)n/ Noun A long-distance running race, strictly one of 26 miles 385 yards (42.195 km). Robert Hooke FRS 1635-1703 found fame for deducing the wave theory of light, and for his work in gravitational theory and horology; but people barely talk about his beautiful English Baroque

  • It’s too late to worry about it now… by James P Smith

    IT’S TOO LATE TO WORRY ABOUT IT NOW… According to legend, in 490 BC, Pheidipiddes ran the 40km from Marathon to Athens to announce the Greek victory over Persia – with the word “nikomen” – “we win!”; at which point he was given a silver blanket, a blingy medal, a


    Since finding out that I had been chosen to be an MK Marathon Ambassador (what were they thinking?) and realising that I’d actually have to run a marathon (I’m still only doing one -I’m not kidding), I’m roughly halfway along my ill thought out and hokey training plan (if this

  • Mud Glorious Mud

    Mud glorious Mud (or lack of it until this week!!!I feel sad today as my favourite events have finished for another year, Cross Country is the best thing ever, there’s a run, there’s tea, there’s rolls, there’s cake but most of the amazing team spirit and great fun that LFR

  • Swimming and Cycling for a Stronger Run

    I did a run test at Stantonbury Track on Monday night. It involved running round the track for 30 minutes as fast as you can – not sprinting, but holding a steady pace for 30 minutes. You lap your time at 10 minutes and then continue to the end. The

  • MK MARATHON AMBASSADOR 2019 – WOO HOO! by James Smith

     Although I was a truly awful runner as a young man (I failed the RAF fitness test quite spectacularly on the first attempt – only just scraping through on the second attempt after being chased by a Brummie with fists like hams threatening to “punch yow head in if yow