• New Year New You

    So you are probably like me and no different to anyone else at the same time….What I mean to say is that in terms of the new years resolutions even though you know its an antiquated concept, you still at least in your head, if not out loud, make some

  • Christmas Calories

    So there’s no surprise. The food and drink have been consumed and the guilt has set it. Its that time of year again when most people get to the stage where all their clothes start to fit a bit tighter than normal. Apart from the lucky few exceptions that can

  • Why do we run?

    My long run this week was a return to something I didn’t know I missed: Trail Running. Setting out for 13 or so carefree trail miles was fantastic. As soon as I got onto the trail, I could feel the sense of freedom of not being surrounded by cars, or

  • Running Technology

    We all know that its good not to run too many miles in single pair of running shoes, most having a life-expectancy of between 300 and 500 miles, with many factors affecting the actual longevity of the running shoes, such as the running gait, your weight, terrain and so on.

  • Running on Empty

    There was a time when nobody really paid much attention to nutrition within the running world. Performances were defined by ability, not by advantage gained through race-based or training-based nutrition plans.Today of course the world is a different place. Nutrition is a word that more people are familiar with, at

  • First Cold Snap

    It’s a terribly British thing to talk about the weather. As a student I remember some foreign students laughing about how many people they hear talking about the weather in the UK, which wouldn’t be so bad if it was exceptional for the season, but mostly it was par for

  • Running and Mood

     Recent events in France remind us all how stained the world is and how difficult life will be now for people directly affected by such atrocities. Lives never the same again, but because of the way the world is connected these days, the ripple effect of such emotion cascades quickly,

  • Marathon Training and Real Lives

    It’s getting to the time when people who are taking part in a spring marathon will start to think about their training schedule. When to start - Now? December? January? How many long runs? How far will the longest run be?No matter what the answers to those questions might be,

  • What’s all this about trail shoes…

    So here’s the issue, you like the idea of running off-road in places like Rushmere and Ivinghoe so went online and bought some trail shoes that came highly recommended. However you later found that in order to get to these places you have to run on the road also, and

  • When to not run

    The internet is full of advice on the best time of day to run, or the best places to run, or even how best to run. One of the hardest decisions a runner needs to make, though, is when not to run.Deciding on whether you are fit enough, recovered enough,