• The Mighty Deerstalker

    After knocking myself out on a low branch at the same event 2 years ago, then in my semi-blurred state misunderstanding a marshal point and going up the second mountain again, you'd be forgiven for thinking that i might not be interested in repeating the same event. Especially as that

  • Sub-consciously chasing that DNF by Ian Mulry

    Somebody recently asked me why I keep doing all these ‘crazy things’.  My usual answer is to challenge myself and become a stronger person from it.  But then I thought about it for a while….am I just sub-consciously searching for a DNF?I began running with LFR around 9 years ago

  • Leighton 10

    On Sunday morning the sun didn’t shine, The wind was blowing and the warmth was fine.   Team LFR hosted a race, To test the locals running pace.   10k was the distance – that’s not far, Well not when you’re driving in a car!   Marshals, bakers, starters and

  • Welsh 1000m race 2017 by David Malatynski

    Welsh 1000m Race 2017Class: Short Challenge Race, 12km over rugged terrain including three 1000m peaks (Glyder Fawr 1001m, Carnedd Ugain 1065m, Snowdon 1085m). The race was delayed due to the usual briefing, but the weather was shining and everyone was in good spirits. Both the Short Fell and Challenge Races set

  • Musings of a Runner

    I know people start running for all sorts of reasons – returning to an old sport, to meet new people, for your health or even for a challenge. I started 8 years ago to get fit – and because Dan (my husband – then boyfriend) ran. I stupidly thought it

  • Looking Forward to Another Year of Running

    So this week sees the start of LFR Membership Renewal ready for 1st April and you will all have your invite to rejoin arriving in your inbox.It has been 2 years since I joined the club and this weekend at the MK Festival of Running I took part in my

  • How do you get into running when you just can’t run?

    So… For my first ever blog, where on earth do I begin? It’s been one hell of a year and has culminated (somehow!) in my becoming vice-captain of what has to be the best running club in the country! I spent the first 31 years of my life thinking that running

  • Choosing the Next LFR Charity

    We are coming up to the LFR AGM in a few weeks and one of the decisions we need to make is who we choose for our charity. All proceeds from the our C25K, Virgin Money London Marathon ballot places, Leighton 10k, 5 caKe Nights, Breakfast Run, raffles etc all

  • Hill Reps for your PB dreams

    Its that time of year when runners are starting out on training for races, often with big dreams of a big PB. They will have told themselves that this time is THE time and they're gonna smash it....but how to get from the post-Christamas January blues to a race-day PB?

  • Never mind the Sex Pistols, Here’s Dan’s Bo@&$£%s

    I sat there with the family in the Café at Rushmere Country Park after a cold winter morning’s work as volunteer / dad at Park Run, when a member of the committee looking for a club captain accosted Vicky. ”Of course he will”, she said!“He’ll be great”, they said. “He