• Hill Reps for your PB dreams

    Its that time of year when runners are starting out on training for races, often with big dreams of a big PB. They will have told themselves that this time is THE time and they're gonna smash it....but how to get from the post-Christamas January blues to a race-day PB?

  • Never mind the Sex Pistols, Here’s Dan’s Bo@&$£%s

    I sat there with the family in the Café at Rushmere Country Park after a cold winter morning’s work as volunteer / dad at Park Run, when a member of the committee looking for a club captain accosted Vicky. ”Of course he will”, she said!“He’ll be great”, they said. “He

  • Getting to Know You – Sally Puddephatt & Kevin Hare

     This week I have two new members to introduce...Sally PuddephattTell us about yourself:Hi my name's Sally and I live in Milton Keynes.Previous running experience/ achievements: I started running about 3 years ago to loose weight and increase my fitness.My biggest achievement has been running the London marathon 2015, it's up

  • What is Fartlek and why you should try it

    On the surface of it the word Fartlek could be seen as slightly comical for obvious reasons, but what does it really mean? At LFR we’ve had a Fartlek training night for the last year and many of you have attended, and improved as a result, but what is it

  • Cross country or Bake Off

    Today was the annual hosting of the 3 Counties Cross Country event hosted by LFR (just incase you missed it on Facebook, the weekly comms, club nights, talk of the town etc). For me today it was more about marshalling and supporting rather than running (doctors orders at present!). So

  • Getting to Know You – Tracy Cardno

     I have a guest appearance on my blog this week.  The club is growing bigger every week and its getting harder for members to know who everyone is so thought this would be a nice way of getting to know some of our newest runners. Tell us about yourself:Tracy CardnoAge 49

  • Not trained for this…

    Run a marathon…with no training…..what???? For those that are regular readers of my blog, you’ll no doubt be aware that I have had to vastly reduce the number of miles I run each week. As such I have mostly been focusing on events that are a shorter distance – however

  • The LFR Band’s first gig

    Looking back I was surprised that no one had thought of it before, an actual LFR band…although perhaps not the sort that you’d think. LFR have always been known for delivering fantastic, vociferous support at events and races, you only have to look at our XC events and see how

  • Club Trips: Amsterdam 2016

     We came, we saw, we conquered! Who said that originally? Not sure, but it’s a very applicable phrase for the club’s trip to Amsterdam last week.Waking up at 3am to catch the 6am red-eye flight out of Luton, I am sure I speak for the others by saying it was

  • Edale Skyline Run

    This week’s adventuring took myself, Captain Rob, Paul Little and Chris Taylor oop North to the Peak District. I almost didn’t make the trip, as I had been ill in the week, and it wasn’t until Friday where I started to feel ok again. So rather that worry about the