• What happened to the fun?

    With the benefit of hindsight, I’ll wager that all the things that end up pear-shaped in life will all have seemed like a good idea at the time. They may have even started with some small innocuous sentence. Here are some classics… Lets just go for a quick drink, yeah

  • Don’t Tempt the Piper..

    An attempt at a poem about 1st time marathon running….   Don’t tempt the piper… There once was a runner boy from Leighton, Who’s three mates said lets run a marathon,   It will be fun; you’ll love it they said, So they all entered Beachy Head,   It was

  • Tips for Cold Weather Running

    Wear several thin layers (wicking material if possible), rather than one thick layer. This way if you warm up you can take a layer off to adjust – if you only have one thick layer on this becomes tricky! Wear a coat or top with a full length zip –

  • Carrie – Out of Action

    So back in January, Captain Rob blogged about staying injury free, I must have missed that one!  So the last few weeks I have been trying to keep myself from turning into a couch potato whilst I've been out of action, but here are a few of the things that

  • No Pressure

    There are some golden rules for race day that explain how to maximise your race day experience and give you the best possible conditions to grab a PB. Things like hydrating and resting properly in the days leading up to a race, arriving in good time and eating sensibly the

  • It’s not what you know, it’s who you know…..

    So New Year had come and gone, and in its wake was a number of resolutions – I’m probably very similar to a lot of people in the sense that at New Year, I say New Year, New Me, and make a list of things which for the best part

  • Breaking Psychological Barriers

    It's often said that the only barrier to progress is in the mind, with the idea that all things can be possible if at first we believe that we can. Nothing is truer or more relevant for runners. Runners often get stuck in a training rut, or pass through oceans

  • Volunteering

    This week, I've been thinking lots about Leighton Fun Runners and what makes us different from other running clubs. One of the things that stood out for me is the amazing team spirit and camaraderie we have built up over the years. Taking a look back at events in the

  • The Patriot

    The Patriot (he ain’t half quick). A long time ago in a distant land – filled with concrete cows and roundabouts there was held a race. Those wishing to prove their worth could chose to challenge themselves over either a half or a full marathon – both held over the

  • Carrie – The First Time

    As the race season for 2016 picks up, it will be a time for many of us to experience our ‘very first’.  Whether it is your first 5k, 10k, half, full or ultra marathon, we will no doubt all go through the same anticipation, worry or even dread. No matter what