Choosing the Next LFR Charity

Choosing the Next LFR Charity

We are coming up to the LFR AGM in a few weeks and one of the decisions we need to make is who we choose for our charity. All proceeds from the our C25K, Virgin Money London Marathon ballot places, Leighton 10k, 5 caKe Nights, Breakfast Run, raffles etc all go towards our nominated charity. Last year this was over £5000!

There are lots of motivations for running, some are for your own personal goal or for your club but raising money for charity can also give purpose, a goal to work towards. When you are running just for the sake of running, it can be really easy to start to question if you can do it or if you can even be bothered. When things get tough or after a bad run it makes it much easier to give up on what you were aiming for especially if motivation is something you struggle with.

So now it is time for you to all have a think about who we as a club can use as our motivation. Over the years we have raised money for big charities like Hearing Dogs for the Deaf, local charity Jamie's Rhythm of Life and the past year East Anglia Air Ambulance and as a club we have been able to hopefully make changes to people's lives though our fundraising. As well as raising money we can also can help raise awareness of our nominated charity through having information on our website, money boxes and running in a charity top. Even our club spirit and enthusiasm at events can help build exposure for a charity

So now it's over to you. We need you to think about which charity is deserving of all the hard work and effort that it takes to fundraise, as well as the motivation to get out there in freezing temperatures, pouring rain and bad runs when you feel like giving up. When considering we do try and support local charities that we can build a relationship with over the next year and your selections will be reviewed by the committee. The top 3 or 4 charities will then be voted for at the AGM. To help with the selection it is important that the charity is a registered charity so please make sure they have a registered number.

Send your nominations to:

With your nomination please include the following -

1. Your nominated charity
2. A few sentences describing the charity and the work they do
3. Links to the charity website
4. Charities registered number

Closing of date for charity nominations - Friday 3rd February.


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