At LFR we are a strong believer in cross-training to deliver fitness benefits to runners.  Conventional wisdom says all training is specific: you improve the skills you practice. Runners, then, improve endurance with regular long, slow runs, and improve speed with periodic spells of faster running. And yet most runners who train for an mutlisport activities like a triathlon don't seem to jeopardise their running. Furthermore, many coaches will actively recommend cross-training, or multi-sport activities for runners. It is felt that one-sport runners often are in poor skeletal shape and conditioning above the waist, and could use additional workouts for better overall fitness. How often has it been said that runners have no upper-body strength? Secondly, they believe that running a bit less and spending the time saved on other sports reduces the risk of the impact injuries associated with running, whilst retaining overall fitness. So its all good, right? There are a myriad of studies on this subject, but in essence, if you want to enjoy your time running with less risk of injury, or to become overall a bit fitter generally, then mixing in some other activities with your running can benefit you. 

LFR has many members that actively take part in activities like cycling, swimming, gym sessions, cross-fit and other activities and this page is dedicated to promoting these other sports for the benefit of LFR runners.

There will be an LFR Swimming technique session early in 2019 for those who are injured or just want to build up their fitness and aren't confident in the water.


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