For the 10K race to run smoothly there are lots of roles that need to be filled. The race will require the following role-groups to be filled in order to go ahead and we are always very grateful for the support the club gives in helping with this. Please do let us know what time you can spare to help out with the organisation of this race.

This is the Marshall map, please note, this will be finalised the week before the race and a copy given to all Marshalls at the 8.15am briefing on the day.

10k volunteers 2020

LFR 10k 2020 marshall points


  • Day before team for signage, catering etc
  • Early-bird pre-race team for on-day set up

Inside the Hall

  • T-shirt stall
  • Cake stall
  • Message co-ordination
  • Registration

On the course

  • Marshals
  • Photographers
  • Race Starter
  • Tail biker

Outside at the School

  • Post-race feedback survey
  • Photographers
  • liason with the timing specialists
  • Water and bananas


  • Signage recovery on the course
  • School cleanup
  • equipment tear down and storage