Watchless Handicap Races

The objective of the Watchless 5  handicap races is to guess how long you would take to run 5  miles and, after submitting your time in advance, to race it without a watch. Each runner sets off at a different time according to their predicted completion time, aiming to finish at 11:30. In theory all runners should finish at more or less the same time. The winner is not the first runner to complete the course, rather the runner who completes the course closest to their predicted time, i.e. closest to 11:30

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Watchless 5

**New** Route...starting approximately 320 meters back along the canal from the Globe Pub, proceed along the canal, past the Globe, up to ivy lane which is at the bridge by the 3 Locks pub. At point (A)Turn right on Ivy Lane and towards a junction in the road where you will turn right. On the map, point (B). This will bring you back onto the canal at point (C). Continue all the way to the Globe Pub where you will finish.

Please note that the finish time is now 11:30. This is to avoid the "Sunday Rush" at the every popular Globe Pub. But don't worry, they still sell beer at this time in the morning.

Watchless 5 Route Map