Out n Back

A timed route to follow with the aim of attempting to push yourself further each time you run it

Dunstable Downs

These routes are popular for a reason. Three trail routes taking in the glorious views available on Dunstable Downs.

Ashridge Bridgewater Arms

Delightful trail run in the stunning Ashridge forest, starting and ending at the Bridgewater Arms pub.


Off road, summer route from the village of Mentmore.

Pyjama Run

Description for the Pyjama run to go here...

SouthCott Village Loop

Part road, part off-road, summer route starting from Tiddenfoot.


A summer run through the majestic grounds of Woburn Abbey.

Shenley Hill

Summer road route up to Heath and Reach, taking in the famous Shenley Hill.

Fabulous Fibbers

Summer road route following the canal and river for part of the way before returning via Derwent Rd

Cops n Robbers

Fancy dress summer run starting from Vandyke School. The robbers start out first, then the cops have to chase them down before the end of the route.

5caKe run (Globe)

Summer alternative to the club 5k route. Start and end at the Globe pub, staying for snacks and drinks afterwards.

Billington Village

Three routes in the style of 'out n back' but to be run as a standard club run.

Alison's Rothchild Path

6 mile route taking in a loop around Rothchild path, for lighter evenings. 

Verity Is Out Of Town

8 mile route heading out of town towards Wing, for lighter evenings. 


Chris Cross

Winter route through weaving through Leighton Buzzard with a climb in the middle.

Mad Mulry Melody

Winter road based loop around the outskirts of Leighton Buzzard with some loops on the longer version.

Verity’s Vicious Routes

Mainly loop based winter training road route up through Heath and Reach.


Winter road route following the river out towards Plantation Road, then back via Heath Road and Appenine way.

Triple Tesco Treat

Winter road based route passing the three Tesco Stores in the town.

5caKe Route (clubhouse)

Our standard club route, normally run on the first Tuesday of every month.

Crazy Claire’s Routes

Winter, no-loop, road based circular route around the outskirts of Leighton Buzzard.

Bideford Green Anticlockwise

Loop based route around Leighton Buzzard.

Out n Back

A series of timed routes to follow with the aim of attempting to push yourself further each time you run it.

Halloween Run

Halloween night run through the Rushmere woods starting from the 3 Locks pub.

Rushmere Headtorch Run

Night based headtorch run through the Rushmere woods starting from the Globe pub. This route has options to be cut down to 6 miles very easily.

Dunstable Downs Headtorch Run

Spooky night time headtorch run around Dunstable downs. Meet and start from the Totternhoe Knolls car park.

Dare you look in the haunted shack?

Other routes