Total distance: 3.68 mi
Max elevation: 111 m
Min elevation: 85 m
Total climbing: 65 m
Total descent: -47 m

Route Description

  • From the clubhouse and onto Lake Street and turn left. Across one roundabout and the steer towards the right onto Leston Road, up the hill and past the BP service station.
  • Using the zebra crossings, take the right on the roundabout onto Hockliffe Street, across the next roundabout onto Hockcliffe Road.Continue downhill and stay on Hockcliffe Road (ideally on the left pavement) crossing the Narrow-gauge railway tracks until your total distance is 1.1 miles/1.7 km. Take the next left onto Appenine Way.
  • Continue on Appenine Way until you see the Clay Pipe pub, turn right and head uphill on Meadway. Use the zebra crossing at the top, turning left onto Vandyke Road.
  • You will pass the cemetery entrance on your left, turn immediate right onto Clarence Road. Continue on Clarence Road going straight over a couple of mini roundabouts until you reach Heath Road. Turn right onto Heath Road and head north until you reach The Star pub at the top of the hill.

(Please be careful when crossing the roads and be sure to keep an eye on your LFR team mates.)