Tips for Cold Weather Running

  1. Wear several thin layers (wicking material if possible), rather than one thick layer. This way if you warm up you can take a layer off to adjust – if you only have one thick layer on this becomes tricky!
  2. Wear a coat or top with a full length zip – again you can open and close the zip to regulate temperature
  3. A nice pair of gloves and a beanie hat are just the ticket – nothing like having a run spoilt because your fingers are too numb to work your watch!
  4. Check the forecast. Whatever temperature the forecast says – dress for approx. 10 degrees warmer – that’s how you’ll feel after around 10 – 15 mins of running
  5. If theres snow, break out the trail shoes if you have them – snow is fine to run on – its normally safer than if its icy.
  6. (I haven’t tried this one……) Some runners, in very wet or slushy weather, put their socks on, then put their feet into ‘sandwich bags’ before putting on their shoes. This way if the shoes get soaked, the feet and socks stay snug and dry…. apparently!
  7. If you are doing an ‘out and back’ type run – head into the wind on the way out…this way you will have it at your back on the way home.
  8. Stay hydrated. It might be cold, freezing even – possibly raining or snowing – but you’re still going to sweat – and use up fluid – you just might not notice it. If its really cold you can always make your drink with warm water, so by the time you need it on your run its not like pouring the arctic down your throat.
  9. If you aren’t finishing your run at your house (perhaps you are finishing at a café / pub etc) don’t forget some dry warm clothes to put on (and shoes + socks) – nothing worse than having to sit in your freezing, wet running clothes!
  10. Start slow – it will take longer for your muscles to warm up when its cold – so don’t sprint out the door like Usain Bolt – ease into your run, and then gradually increase your pace if you want to.
  11. Which leads nicely into stretches – there are some videos on the ‘Coaches Corner’ section of the website for ‘warm up’ and post run stretches – these are more important than ever when its cold
  12. Finally – its dark – its raining, snowing, sleeting….icy and gloomy… WEAR HIGH VIZ!

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