Cross country or Bake Off

Today was the annual hosting of the 3 Counties Cross Country event hosted by LFR (just incase you missed it on Facebook, the weekly comms, club nights, talk of the town etc).

For me today it was more about marshalling and supporting rather than running (doctors orders at present!). So having arrived just about on time and dropped of my cakes (did I mention there was cake involved in this Cross Country running) I was suitably adorned in a bright yellow bib and provided with instructions on where I would be marshalling (location R if you must know).

We were provided with a marshal briefing (by ‘General Marshal’ Max) and felt ready. So once we had waited for Martin to get changed, change is shoes, use the facilities…and get a coffee, off we strolled, towards our position.

What I hadn’t realised when I looked at the map was that my position was about two and half miles walk through mud, fields and cow pats…still not to worry. Once we were there we made sure all was ok and settled in to wait for the runners.

From my location (at the bottom of a hill, by some woods) I was kept company by around half a dozen deer gentle strolling through the trees, around 10 meters from me – and a couple of Red Kites, which were circling – perhaps from their vantage point they were chosing which runner was likely to fall and become their lunch!

Soon I could see the front runners coming through the gate (across the field) and watched them streaming through, and then out of site behind a hill – it was about a mile or more for them to run round to my position.

Once they started to come past it was time to break out the Peruvian Pan-Pipes (didn’t you know I’m an honary member of the LFR band) and started playing / cheering and wishing good luck to the brave soles passing!

It also gave me an opportunity to slip into ‘coach mode’ and watch all the runners coming down the hill towards my position. You may be interested to hear that it wasn’t the case that the fastest runners had the best technique – but I could also see runners making up (or loosing) positions coming down the hill – depending on how they approached it.

I can also confirm that the LFR runners were those with the biggest smiles – maybe its because they new about all the cake awaiting them……

Once the last runners had past it was time to pack up the tape and posts, and then grab a lift back to the HQ with Nic (cheers bud!) just in time for tea and…..oh yeah CAKE!!!!

Coach Warby.

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