Don’t Tempt the Piper..

An attempt at a poem about 1st time marathon running….


Don’t tempt the piper…

There once was a runner boy from Leighton,

Who’s three mates said lets run a marathon,


It will be fun; you’ll love it they said,

So they all entered Beachy Head,


It was the first marathon for this chap

I wonder – will there be mishap??


They travelled down the night before,

Then at 7am came knocking on the door,


‘Lets go before it starts to drizzle’

‘And don’t forget to lube your nipples’


At the start nerves were showing

‘Come on let’s get this race GOING!’


A bet was made ‘the first back here’

Has to buy the four cold beers


And ‘BANG’ they started, moving off

‘Its not so bad’ our runner scoffed..


But – the Seven Sisters lay ahead ,

That’s the part all runners dread,


There were smiles and giggles – and even laughter.

But the four mates separated soon after,


And on our Leighton Runner pushed,

‘I feel fine – I’m not bushed’


Why is everyone running slow,

There’s only 26k’s to go…


There were steps to climb on the trail,

But our runner couldn’t possibly fail,


Running up the steps, he felt so bold,

And at the top some bagpipes tolled..


Soon 26 kilometers his watch said,

….the finish must be round this bend…


‘Where is the finish’…’is it far?’

‘Mate you’ve only just done half’…..


And still the seven sisters await..

And now our runners far from great…


His legs like jelly he slips and stumbles

He feels so sheepish and rather humble


At last the end is sighted down the slope

Our runners been quite a dope…


But where are the others wonder you may

Well our runner wondered too that day


He’d finished first of our 4 work buds

So next he headed to the pub


‘Four pints of Guiness would be great’

I’ll start mine whilst I wait’


Four pints later – one sleeping runner

He even missed out on eating supper


Soon the others asked ‘how was your race?’

‘You set off at an amazing pace!’


‘The distance was twice I thought’ he said

‘At the end I felt dead’


‘Amazing pace – I don’t think so’


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