EasyFundraising for LFR!

Did you know you can help raise funds for the club charity simply by on-line shopping and it won’t cost you anything extra by using the Easy FundRaising Link?

If you have not already registered with the site, please use the following link, as this will also enable to collect an additional bonus for new referrals:
Register for EasyFundraising

You may already be registered but please add the LFR link to your list of causes with this link:
EasyFundraising Causes - Add LFR

How Does it Work?
When you are online shopping, start from the easyfundraisng page, view and purchase as normal. The retailer will then make a donation to LFR via Easyfundraising at no extra cost to you.

You can also download a “reminder tool” that prompts you to click on the donations link whenever you are shopping if that retailer offers a donation, and of course there is an App you can also use. You can read more about it on the easyfundraising website.

We would really be pleased if members made use of this facility, as an easy way to help boost our charity donations!

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