Important Update On Group Runs

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Important Update On Club Group Runs

Dear All,

We’d like to share with you all our plan to increase the size of our running groups from Friday the 9th of April.

In February, the government announced their Roadmap to easing lockdown, and the first phase of that for us started on March 30th with the return to group runs with a run leader and 5 runners; this was known as “The Rule of Six”.

The Government guidance states outdoor sport is permitted in larger numbers provided it is formally organised. By following the guidance of English Athletics through the implementation of the booking system, Risk assessment, Action Plan and appointment of Covid Coordinators, LFR is providing formally organised sport and therefore the “Rule of Six” does not apply. English Athletics have not provided guidance on maximum numbers.

The committee has reviewed the guidance and is in the process of updating our documentation and have today agreed that LFR will run in groups with a maximum of nine runners commencing Friday 9th April. This is the Run Leader plus eight.

I’m sure you’ll agree that this is great news, however, we are also aware that some of you may have concerns. If you do have any concerns or feedback, then please don’t hesitate to contact myself or our Covid Coordinators Andy and Dougie. We can be contacted here:

Stay safe and happy running!

Andy Heale
LFR Chairman

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