Varied club night runs

LFR runs a club night every Tuesday, with a variety of different runs from leader-based runs grouping you by ability to more social-oriented runs. Depending on the time of year, we run trail, off-road and road routes.  Once a month, the club night run is a 5k timed route followed by tea and cake back at the clubhouse. The aim of the club runs is to provide a safe and enjoyable environment, offering a platform for runners to improve should they wish to do so, or to enjoy a social run with friends.

Performance training

LFR meets every Wednesday and Thursday night for improvement based training. The sessions are lead by fellow club members who are passionate instructors, driven by a desire to help you improve and reach your goals.  You can read more about what LFR offers at

Expert Seminars (podiatry, nutrition, running form and movement, sports photography)

From time to time the club will host sessions lead by local experts covering topics that may be useful and interesting to the running community. Popular sessions have included podiatry, dynamic movement and sports photography, with future sessions including nutrition and running form planned. The sessions are often free to members although sometimes a discounted rate may be applicable.

Trespass Sports Gear

LFR members receive a 10% discount at when purchasing from the online store. Contact for the relevant codes, which maybe changed at any time.


Linslade Physiotherapy

As an LFR sponsor, we are proud to work with Linslade Physiotherapy ( ) and encourage runners to visit the team when suffering from injury or niggles for assessment and treatment where necessary. Club members receive a discounted rate for appointments, for more information please contact the club captain

LFR members receive 10% discount at when purchasing goods from their site. Contact for the relevant codes.


The club has a strong social scene and regularly arranges events like club trips, quiz night runs and our popular fancy dress invite runs.  We also organise a number of non-running related social events like family picnics, BBQ’s and even the odd night out on the town.

English Athletics Affiliation

The club is affiliated with English Athletics, which means that you can enter a lot of races obtaining a small discount through this affiliation. The ballot for a place in the London Marathon is contingent on being part of this affiliation too, so please consider when looking at which type of membership is right for you.

...and Finally

Should have any questions about any of the benefits here please do not hesitate to contact us using the form below, or if you are ready to sign up, follow this link and welcome to the club!  Join LFR 

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