Leighton 10

On Sunday morning the sun didn’t shine,

The wind was blowing and the warmth was fine.


Team LFR hosted a race,

To test the locals running pace.


10k was the distance – that’s not far,

Well not when you’re driving in a car!


Marshals, bakers, starters and car-park staff.

The volunteers were up for a laugh.


Signs put up, cakes baked and t-shirts done,

Right LFR lets have some fun.


Some were running – some were cheering

The band sounded great – if you’re hard of hearing,


Harmonica, accordion, horn, guitar and kazoo,

We sounded like animals from the zoo.


With sombreros donned and moustaches on

We were ready….but we forgot the gong!


Practicing instruments – who needs that?

We love the sound of strangled cats…

The runners started streaming in,

It didn’t matter who would win.


The first runner soon came flying round the corner,

So Anthony blew his horn a little longer.


Passing Shenley Hill some cried,

But green finishers shirts will be worn with pride.


Finishing the course was reward enough,

The runners are made of wonder-stuff.


A hilly race and the wind blew strong,

But it didn’t take the runners long.


The club spirit was clearly shown

At LFR you’re never on your own!!


Well done to all those who helped and ran here

You all deserve an extra beer!!

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