LFR Celebrates its 200th Active Member

Leighton Fun Runners recently signed up its 200th active member, Gemma Adamson. The club membership has been growing steadily over the last year with runners attracted by the club’s balance of sport and fun, but there is an extra-special reason to celebrate the 200th member. Despite being physically fit at the time, in 2015 Gemma was diagnosed with a brain tumour. Following the diagnosis, there was an initial operation then the treatment involved rounds of radiotherapy and chemotherapy and lasted until April 2016, after which Gemma felt determined to fight back. Physically weakened, but massively determined, Gemma joined the LFR couch to 5k programme and fought to get her fitness back and is now looking forward to raise money for the Brain Tumor Charity by taking part in a 10k race.

LFR is proud to welcome Gemma to the club as a full-time member and continue to support her in her quest for fitness.

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