Never mind the Sex Pistols, Here’s Dan’s Bo@&$£%s

I sat there with the family in the Café at Rushmere Country Park after a cold winter morning’s work as volunteer / dad at Park Run, when a member of the committee looking for a club captain accosted Vicky. ”Of course he will”, she said!

“He’ll be great”, they said. “He does most things anyway”, they said. “Go on, email Max”, they said.

So here we are, my first month as club captain and my first blog, so I want to open up and share a little about my motivation and love of running. By the way, I did try writing an Autobiography once (pre Vicky and the kids) and one day I’ll dig it out, finish and share it.

For those who don’t know me, when I start on about something I’m passionate about, like my family, running, LFR or lighting, I never shut up! I just want to share my enthusiasm with everyone and if I do get on your nerves, then just tell me to shut up. My ears are always open to listen to your comments, suggestions and thoughts, so grab me or message me at any time.

Anyway, back to running, I met a member, Steve Harrison though an anti-natal group nearly seven years ago and after running a couple of races together he eventually dragged me along to the club. It didn’t take long to realise what a wonderful friendly group of people the Fun Runners are. Meeting and chatting with fascinating individuals who constantly push themselves to their own limits for pure enjoyment and the odd bit of metal on a ribbon or T-Shirt or mug or if you’re really lucky BEER. You inspire each other, me and even Vicky. In fact so much that she partook in a half marathon and may even run Oakley 20! She hates running with me as I’m too bouncy, apparently, but that’s for another week!

To me running is an amazing, relatively inexpensive form of exercise that is open to every Tom, Dick or Sally. It started as an opportunity to drink and eat more and between you and me, I now eat more than I’ve ever done before just to keep running driven hunger away.

It may be difficult to believe but I used to be two stone heavier and consume considerable amounts of alcohol. In my first half marathon - 6 yrs ago - I was at least 20 minutes slower and at my first marathon – 7yrs ago - I was over 1hour 15mins slower.  If I can do it, so can you.

So what can you expect this year, a plethora of interesting and varied weekly runs including more trail options and new challenges designed to encompass all members. Most of all I would love to see mass turnouts at local races and team spirit like at Winslow 10k.

So come on throw yourselves into it and together we will ensure that we all reach our goals but more importantly, there is FUN FUN FUN on the way.


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