New Year New Me

So 2015 was a mixed bag for me. We’ve lost people we loved and we’ve gained little ones along the way, the power of social media has connected us to even more family members and old friends, I’ve suffered with some ill health (thankfully nothing too serious), I’ve started a new job, I’ve finally paid off my car – hoorah! Like, I said a mixed bag.

2015, however, was also the year of running. I tried Cross Country, I ran London Marathon again, and I improved pace both on shorter distances and half marathon. It was also the year I was selected as MK Ambassador – a role I’ve been taking very seriously.

So now we are in 2016, what changes? I think 2016 is the year I change. Every year I set resolutions, or runolutions. I try to get healthy, lose weight, sign up for a challenge, and then inevitably by the middle of January I’m dialling up the Chinese takeaway and reaching for the bottle of red! Not this year though. So what makes this year different?  On Monday 2nd May I am running Milton Keynes marathon and I WILL be getting a sub-5hr (there said it!). It’s in writing so I have to.

Five days later on Saturday 7th May, my beautiful friend Kelly is getting married, and I am honoured to be her bridesmaid.
And lastly, I’m sick of constantly battling with the reflection in the mirror. So clean food and exercise it is, and I’m drawing on different tools and incentives for motivation.

My Fitness Pal is the app I use to record my daily calories, what I am eating and what I am losing through exercise. It’s serving me well so far. Since New Year’s Day I have lost 3lbs and counting.

The Run Pot – I’ve got a money pot which I am using to incentivise me to save money whilst I run. Up to 3.5miles will cost £1, up to 6.5miles will cost £2, up to 13.5miles will cost £3 and anything over will cost £5. I’m looking forward to having quite a few pennies at the end to spend on new trainers and future races.
2016 Goals – I have  a picture on my fridge of Personal Trainer Chloe Madeley along with running times I want to achieve for all distances from 1 mile up to Full Marathon. I can’t wait to get to 31st December 2016 and put a tick by all the times I’ve achieved.  (Link to My Own Blog)

Lastly, my main source of motivation will come from all of my family, friends, running club team members and supporters of my MK Ambassador journey through Twitter and Facebook. Thank you for the support so far, and can’t wait to take you all on the next chapter with me.

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