• This is the week that was…

    It was 5caKe night on Tuesday. A night full of PBs!  Well done to everyone who ran a PB....I think it was the temptaion of David's sponge at the clubhouse that got everyone going!  Not wanting to miss out on cake night, Stephanie did her own cake run on holiday.

  • This is the week that was…

    We started the week with pace groups in the heat on Tuesday - big thanks to our run leaders for leading.  JK led the Fartlek super group on Wednesday; Jen took the Improvers to Bragenham Berg on Thursday for some long hill repeats - Coach Matt, not wanting to miss

  • This is the week of….heat and epic challenges!

    Our club runs began back at the clubhouse this week, with the out and back route to Wing on Tuesday.  A bit drier than last time, but just as tough.  Captain Dan took out the Wednesday Fartlekkers for some sprints and Pigeon racing.  Coach Matt and the Improvers were putting

  • This is the week that was…

    We had the last of the summer trail series this week with our second round at Woburn.  There will be more trail runs over the autumn and winter months (headtorch mandatory).  Keep an eye on the newsletter and the Facebook group for details of these! Shout to both Tom and

  • This is the week that was…Cops and Robbers!

    The week began with a first aid session for our run leaders on Monday.  Huge thanks to Jeremy and Alan for their time and leading the session.  Everyone who attended found it informative and gave them confidence.  Any help is better than no help. Our running started at the Cops

  • This is the week that was…

    Our summer trail run this week was at Rushmere in the glorious summer rain!  This time we started our run at the fishery.  Big thanks to Peter for hosting us.  Excellent tea and cakes for Michelle's birthday too!  Captain Dan was in charge of the Fartlek whistle on Wednesday.  We

  • This is the week that was…the Pyjama Run!

    The week began with our annual Pyjama Run at The Globe!  Some fantastic PJs on show.  Big well done to Ian who won best PJs!  And a shout out to Will who just looked awesome...they were something special! JK led the Fartlek Fun on Wednesday; Captain Dan put the Improvers

  • This is the week that was…Conti!

    We took a break from our trail series to meet again at the Clubhouse on Tuesday.  An out and back along the canal towards Slapton and only three flies eaten by the Captain.  Excellent! Wednesday saw Team LFR head over to an LFR favourite, the Waddesdon 5K, with some excellent

  • This is the week that was…Mentmore!

    We had another of our wonderful trail summer runs to start the week...this time at Mentmore.  Huge thanks to our run leaders Tam, Steve, Tom, Stephen and Vicky for showing the members the way through the trails....and cows.  There are three more trail runs coming up over the next few

  • This is the week that was…

    Our summer trail runs continued this week with a sublime run in Woburn.  Big thanks to our run leaders on the night for winding your way through the deer.  Shout out to Tom who decided to run to Woburn, do the run and run home again!    VC James took