• This is the week that…LFR went on tour everywhere!

    The week started off with a marathon and a PB from Coach Turner!  Annis was at the Enigma Trains Marathon running her 13th marathon, taking 9 minutes off her marathon time and was 2nd lady.  Well done!The club runs began with the canal out and back on Tuesday; Janice was the

  • This is the week…of the flat lays!

    "What is a flat lay?" I hear you ask.  We'll get to that in a moment...The week began with another loops night/pace groups combo.  The loops this time took us around Tiddenfoot pit with the pace leaders all taking the groups on different journeys to get there.  I think every

  • This is the week that was…half marathons and multisports!

    We started this week with group night on Tuesday and the 5-10K crew still smashing out their distances.  It's the final week of the course tomorrow before the big one next week!  You've got this, guys!  Doyley led Fartlek with a difference on Wednesday.  In fact it wasn't Fartlek at

  • This is the week that was…the LFR Awards Night!

    Following on from the mad Monday at the MK Marathon, LFR still had their monthly cake night on Tuesday with the 5-10K group stepping it up even more smashing out 4.5 miles.   Karen took on the Fartlek Whistle of Joy and Pain on Wednesday.  Coach Matt led a massive group

  • This is the week that was…the MK Marathon Weekend!

    The week began with another go at the loops at Appenine Way and the 5-10K group working hard yet again to build up their distance.  Not long now til the big day!Karen took out the Fartlek Fun Runners on a new route on Wednesday.  Andrew was in charge of the

  • This is the week that was…the London Marathon!

    Before we get on to what was of course the biggest and most inspirational event of the weekend (and quite some time), let's have a look at our other goings on...Of course we had our usual club runs all week with group night on Tuesday (followed by a trip to

  • This is the week that was…the hottest Easter on record!

    Marathon fever had not left us on Monday with Peter and Pam both at the real Boston Marathon in the USA.  Peter finished with a fantastic time of 3.37 getting himself a Good for Age time.  And Pam was completing her final marathon of the six marathon majors! She has

  • This is the week that was…full of PBs!

    It was group night on Tuesday where we tried something a little different.  The run leaders were pushing the groups to go just that little bit faster on their runs:  the 11s were running 10.30s, the 10.30s were running 10s, the 10s, 9.30s and so on.  Everyone enjoyed it and

  • This is the week that was…Ultras, Loops and Lakes!

    The week began with a 5cake night and two new course records for the men and women.  Tom came in at a brilliant 18.30 for the 5K and Elle ran a superb 21.13.  We had plenty of PBs on the night and our Couch to 5K Graduates joining the club

  • This is the week that was….the Leighton 10K!

    Before heading to our main event, let’s have a quick recap of the week gone by…  Tuesday saw us run to the pub and back again!  The legend we call JK had his first go as the Master of Pain on the Fartlek whistle – everyone finished smiling.  More pain