How do you measure running achievements?

For me last 6 months of running have been pretty pants and by October I was seriously considering jacking it in. I’d gained weight, my running buddy was AWOL and unlike everyone else I was getting slower not faster.

I had signed up to a Half Marathon in the Summer and as the New Year approached I had failed to even vaguely keep to the training plan. Thursday night’s beep test really gave me a reality check when I came in last and got a huge shock as to how unfit I had really got. After that disappointment I needed to give my self a good talking to and decide what I wanted to achieve. My work involves an awful lot of reflection but I’m not great at carrying it through to my personal life, so for once I took my own advice and had a look at what running in 2017 had achieved. I always thought I was ok with being a “near the back runner” and I have always said that running a Marathon is something I have no interest in at all so I reminded myself there is more to it than how fast and how far you can run.

Here is my list of achievements for 2017 and no they are not super speedy and no I didn’t run that far or even that much but I didn’t actually do too bad –

  1. For a start we are the Leighton Fun Runners and I can certainly say I have had lots of fun. I’ve made some great friends and have had some amazing opportunities.
  2. I ran Oakley – yes TWENTY MILES. Says she who is never running a Marathon! I’m not going to lie I did it for the hoodie and anyone who knows me will also know that I made a huge fuss about how I really didn’t want it to be a Yellow Hoodie and guess what I got! I still don’t know how I found it in me to keep running after the first lap and finding out the colour, it did involve a few swear words. I do actually wear the hoodie and have even grown fond of the egg yolk yellow!
  3. I smashed my Half Marathon and my 10k PB, both at Silverstone and I almost vomited after both. “No Vomit No Glory” say our Chair!
  4. What top off my running achievements was getting the award, for not only the Watchless 5, but also the Watchless 10. I can hand on heart say I definitely did not cheat and I have witnesses to both, in fact without Alan and Graham to keep me company I don’t think I would have enjoyed the runs as much as I did. I was the first to set off and the last to get back, so you don’t need to be quick. The best advice I can give is don’t treat it as a race, pick a time based on a pace you are really comfortable running at and have a good natter whist admiring the views on route.

So 2017 wasn’t so bad after all. OK I have had a bit of a set back towards the end but I can do it because I have decided I want to. At the end of the day it is my head that has been holding me back and not my legs. I am going to run the Half Marathon in May and in the last 5 days I have even managed a run every day and clocked up 14 miles (I’m a bit tired to be honest but it kind of feels good). So what do you want to achieve for 2018?

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