Runs don’t always have to be races

RUNS don't always have to be RACES

We must have all done it. Had a look on Strava or race times and thought 'eek! So and so who was slower than me just beat my PB!' I know I have. Most of us also go into a race with a time in mind and it's the first thing you get asked by fellow runners and even non runners when you finish a race - 'what time did you get?'

Last week I ran a 10k and instead of having a time in mind I decided that for this race I was going to just get round and enjoy the atmosphere. It might have been the race itself or the fact I hadn't put any pressure on myself but it was the most enjoyable run I've had. It also helped that I spent most of the race with Jeremy and Sandra and chatted the whole way round.

Now a bit of healthy competition is definitely good for pushing yourself a bit and achieving something you might not have thought yourself able to do but maybe this year pick a race, run it with some buddies, don't look at your watch and just have fun. I actually left Sandra and Jeremy at the 800m mark as I felt like having a little sprint, but having seen this photo I wish I had stayed with them, might have to do it again!

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