Rushmere with a buggy!

You may think I’m a little mad but since Vicky bought us a running buggy for Christmas, to enable us to go out running with Edison, I’ve been taking on new challenges including Rushmere Parkrun.

Today was supposed to be a gentle stretch before Bearbrook 10k but with Arriana away I could go flat out! I remember my first ever parkrun at MK when a certain LBAC member with a buggy overtook me within 800m! I was gobsmacked at that and today I gave it everything, which is easier said than done with having to be in certain places to avoid roots or steps and pushing hard to get past people before narrow areas. Trail running can be technical but not as technical as Rushmere with a buggy.

I was really pleased with the result and will be back with the whole family for Vicky’s and my 50th Parkrun before the end of September.

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