LFR Cycle Jerseys


LFR Cycle Jersey

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LFR Cycle Tops exclusively for the following people…please note they are 100% bespoke and cannot be returned.

kevin Hare
Rob L
Anthony Smith
james smith
sim dimmock
Mark Fiske
Mark Beesley
neil warby
Chris taylor
Ian Mulry
Gary Reid
Rod Stiles
Gavin Prechner
Paul Little
will langdon
john Kirwan
Richard Thomas

Jen Garner
Pam O’Connell
Max marshall
Carrie Tyas
Vicki Courage
Chelle Smith
Claire Amos
Janice Lamont
Claire Giblin
Marianne Aitkin
Ali Whitbread
Jane Crighton
Verity Allsopp
emma brace
Debby Morrell
Karen Mclean