Speed & Stamina – Is it for me?

Every Thursday evening LFR organise a training session for all members – Speed & Stamina (S&S), but what exactly is it and is it for you? Here we answer all your questions.

What is S&S training?

S&S training is a variety of different sessions, designed to help runners of all abilities to improve, not surprisingly, their speed and their stamina. The sessions are different each week and suitable for everyone from graduates of our couch to 5k right up to our most experienced runners, and typically last around 30-45mins.

Is it just for fast runners?

No, in fact, new runners are likely to see the benefits of S&S even more than those who have been running for a long time. No one gets left behind as the sessions are confined to a hill, or a short track lap for example. We have a range of runners who regularly attend young, old, fast, slow – the sessions are suitable for everyone and we have fun too!

What are the different types of sessions?

The session leader will decide on the type of training and this will be communicated in the weekly newsletter and on Facebook each week. Most sessions will fit into one of three categories:

Hill training – It’s not as scary as it sounds! The group will run reps up and down a short or longer hill at their own pace, each time pushing yourself to run up, then jog/walk down.

Pyramid sessions – Different distance or timed sprints, again at your own pace. The sprints are repeated normally around 6-8 times with a recovery period in between.

HIT Session – Short bursts of high intensity training. Designed to build your stamina.

To read more visit the S&S page

Where are the S&S sessions?

The sessions are held in and around Leighton Buzzard such as Plantation Road, Parsons Rec and Stanbridge Road track amongst others. We meet at the clubhouse at 19:15 every Thursday and jog to the location of the session. In the winter, on occasion, we offer track sessions outside of Leighton Buzzard and flood lit locations.

Who are the session leaders?

There are a number of experienced club runners who are session leaders. The sessions are run passed LFRs coaching specialists before they are run in order to ensure they are suitable for all runners. If you have an idea for a training session or are interested in being a session leader, please email Captain Rob

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