The Lonely Running Shoe

The lonely running shoe..

A poem about how it feels to be a runners neglected trainer….


C’mon, slip me on – let’s go for a run,

You know, this really could be fun.


It’s been ages since we went cruising,

Is there some new shoe you’ve been using?


Great times we had when I was new

Was I you favourite running shoe?


I have it all – I’m made for athletics,

Shock-absorbers and man-made synthetics.


Tie me well, lace me up,

I’ll hug your foot nice and snug.


We’ll go together, we can do it,

Every step we’ll get through it.


Wear me on the road or trails,

We can write new running tales.


But lately you haven’t been using me,

Why? I didn’t cause your runners-knee.


Last time we ran I was covered in dirt,

But I didn’t care, – I wasn’t hurt.


I thought that forever together we’d tread,

But you left me lonely under your bed.


So, I won’t be sad, I will not dwell

Although perhaps I slightly smell,


It’s not my fault – you left me lonely,

With you I want to run…only….


I miss you, I love you, my running friend,

I really hope this isn’t the end.


Please don’t leave me – that’s not my goal,

Don’t you know – I have a sole!


I’ll always be here.. standing-by…

Please don’t leave me here to die.…


So next time you run – please, please choose…

Your worn-out, battered old running shoes.




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