This is the week that was…

We had Captain Dan’s hilly out and back to start the club runs off this week.   Kevin took control of the Fartlek Fun Whistle on Wednesday putting Graham and Tom to the test.  Andrew was leading the Improvers for some Soulbury Road Hill Reps and took what is definitely the picture of the week.  You’ve got some competition, Doyley.  And VC Alice was out leading the super Friday morning runners in the sun!

On parkrun day we had runners at Rushmere, Luton Wardown, Milton Keynes, Cannon Hill, Henley-on-Thames, Linford Wood, Houghton Hall, Aylesbury, Thetford and Queen Elizabeth. Where will we all be next week?
At home in Rushmere, we had a brand new RD who just so happens to be an LFR…..current Runner of the Month, Mr Paul Doyle! Excellent first time RD.  On the running side, Tom came in 2nd (although he came though Unknown – don’t forget your barcode, Tom!), with Andrew close behind in 3rd and Kevin and Jim taking their places at 9th and 10th

It was a quiet weekend for events.  Just the one LFR collecting bling: Emma was out marathoning at the Remembrance Day Marathon, this time as a guide runner.  What an incredible thing to do!
Glyn was back Wainwright bagging over the weekend, getting in High Raise, Rest Dodd and the Nab. 

We had lots of LFRs out on their training runs and rides.  The stand out run was from the long distance lovers who managed to fit in a photo shoot during their 20 mile jaunt around Ashridge.  Always a fun bunch!

A very quiet week this week. Next week is certain to be busier with plenty of LFRs taking on the Dirt Half on Saturday.  If you’re not running the half, why not get out and support the runners along the route.  The event starts at Cedars School, following the canal to Stoke Hammond before going up the mountain to Great Brickhill.  From there the route heads through Rushmere following the Greensand Ridge Walk back to the canal, returning to Cedars.  Plenty of places to spot some runners - if you wait around at The Globe, you'll see them twice!

Have a great week, LFR!  Don't forget to let us know what you've been up to.  And send in your pics!

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