This is the week that was…

We had the last of the summer trail series this week with our second round at Woburn.  There will be more trail runs over the autumn and winter months (headtorch mandatory).  Keep an eye on the newsletter and the Facebook group for details of these!

Shout to both Tom and Will on Tuesday who both ran to Woburn for the run from LB and MK respectively, Will running his furthest ever distance to date!  Well done guys.

Anne took out the Fantastic Fartlek Five on Wednesday; Captain Dan and friends played Bulldog in the park on Thursday getting some speed and agility in whilst at it; and Alice led a wonderful Friday morning run.

parkrun day saw LFRs at Dunstable Downs, Buckingham, Reigate Priory, Brandon Country Park, Rushcliffe, Houghton Hall, Linford Wood, Stevenage, Crystal Palace, Amager Fælled and Rushmere.  At home in Rushmere, Katy GL came in first lady;  our Tom came in 3rd overall; and we had PBs from Ian, Chair Steve and Richard (again!).

We had members on holiday getting their runs in with the Sugars in Montenegro.

And you'll remember Celia on holiday in France had set herself a challenge last week of getting her time down on a hilly run to under 35 minutes.  Well she plugged away at her challenge and whilst she didn't get the time to under 35, she did go from 43:43 to her best time if 37:53.  This is an amazing achievement!  In doing this she ran 91km in 14 days with a elevation of 117m on each run.  Such hard work and dedication.  Excellent work, Celia!

Kevin, Alison Steve and David went out on a Social Sunday run and there were plenty of training runs with members training for 10Ks, half marathons and marathons and some heading out for the joy of running.

Shout out to Christine who was at the the World Masters Swimming Champs this week posting some excellent times for various swims.  Very well done!

The biggest event of this weekend was Ironman Copenhagen where we had James Bassil giving it his all on his second ever Ironman.  For those who don't know, an Ironman is a full distance triathlon where you swim 3.8km, then ride 180km, and then run a marathon.  Who would do that?! Who would even attempt that?  Well....James Bassil did.  And James Bassil is a double Ironman! He had an amazing experience, smiling all the way...and did a storming time too...11 hours and 46 minutes of exercise. Well done, James Bassil!

That's all for this week.  Have a great week, LFR!

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