This is the week that was…

It was the usual club runs this week, although a lot quieter on Wednesday and Thursday.  We've decided to have a week off Fartlek and Improvers this week away from the cold!  Back to normal next week though so keep and eye on the comms for what we have in store for you!

On parkrun day, we had LFRs at Ashford, Crystal Palace, Northampton, Worcester (where KGL came in 1st lady!), Sewerby, Houghton Hall, Rushmere (where Joanne ran a PB!) and Marston Vale.

There were LFRs at the MK Winter Half where Ann was running her first ever half marathon!  Katharine was completing her 7th half marathon of 2019!  She was running these half marathons this year in aid of the club's charity, Reclaim Life.  She has worked so hard this year to get through these events.  if you'd like to donate to her cuase,you can do so here: Katharine's Fundraiser- all money raised up to £1000 will be matched by Morrisons!

Also running in MK were Emma and Wes completing ANOTHER marathon around TBL (if you know, you know).

Mr and Mrs A were also running marathon loops, but over at Goodwood - 11 laps of the track!

Team LFR took a tour to Lanzarote for the Marathon, Half Marathon and 10K!  Cocktails and sand galore for some and another half PB for Clare!  Smashing it!

And finally, of course, it was Race 3 of the 3CXC League at Wootton.  Team LFR were out in force again with mud on the mind.  The LFR men came 6th, the ladies 7th and overall we were 8th!  Continuing our fantastic season!  It was also Bisby's first run out in his brand new shoes.  Just look at them!

Race 4 is next week.  If you fancied a go, it's not too late!  Please email Traacy by Thursday with your date of birth and she'll sign you up.  There is no fee for you.  Just lots of fun!  (You don't need fancy shoes like Ian's to run XC...unless you wanted them of'll do well in a pair of trails!)

That's all for this week.  Happy running, LFR!

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