This is the week that was…. The BBQ Run!

This is the week that was... The BBQ Run!

The week kicked off on Tuesday with our first “Out & Back” night since last March. The evening was well attended with over 70 of us out together. We ran to Wing and back, embraced the hill out and stormed back down. Some members achieved PB’s on the night... well done all! Wednesday came and brought some Fartlek fun with JK on the whistle and when Thursday rolled up there were 3 options including a boot camp session with Alex!

BBQ and Trail Run

When Friday rocked up it was finally time for the BBQ run!  Lots of  planning came together and after a few anxious checks of the weather forecast, I think it's fair to say we managed to pull off our first BBQ run in true LFR style! We had 70 people come to join in the fun and in doing so raised over £350 for our charity, which is just brilliant. We are very aware that some of you were away and missed the opportunity to come, so next year we hope the event can take place before the summer holidays start.

The evening started at the Alders’ Fisheries courtesy of Peter Jones, with the BBQ set up between the two main lakes. There was a great atmosphere, as just over 50 runners gathered and split into three groups led by Len Holland, JK and Captain Emily.  They promptly set off for their varied distance runs and paces around the wonderful settings of Rushmere and Stockgrove. We really are so lucky to have this natural playground on our doorstep! With the athletes hot footing it around the lake and into the woods the real work was underway back at base as I was admirably supported by Gavin Prechner and Tam Quinn on the BBQ front, cooking burgers and sausages to just the right side of burnt! A huge thanks to Derek Walker (Celia's husband) who while just chatting away, grabbed some tongs and took on the third BBQ and kept the vegan and vegetarian options under control!

At what you would say was front of house, Michelle Evans Riches, Kama Langham, Tracy Cardno and Carole Osborne were busy preparing for the rush as the 3 running groups returned. The queue was orderly and I'm pretty sure no-one went hungry. Of course being LFR we had to finish with a cake and another huge thanks goes to Christine Ayres who made the perfect vegan cake to ensure everyone got a slice. The event was acclaimed by all as a great success and certainly would not have been possible without the generosity of our host Peter Jones. Peter allowed us full access to his wonderful venue, a perfect place to have the event.  If you have any feedback for the committee on the evening, please let us know so next year's event can be even better.

parkrun Day!

After Friday’s BBQ Run I had concerns that fatigue would set in and performances would be hampered at parkrun on Saturday morning. However, the exact opposite happened and PB’s tumbled from a fair few of you across different venues.

At Rushmere,  Gavin Prechner, Tom Webster, Will Langdon and Adam Carter banged the “gong of glory” with new PB’s and a special mention to junior Ana Green who dragged Dan around in a new PB of 27:21. We also had runners at MK, Shepton Mallet, Linford Wood, Houghton Hall, Sheringham, Buckingham, Daventry, Burnham, Great Denham, Storeys Field, Clifton Park and Jersey. In Bicester, family Booth celebrated their 200th parkrun, a great achievement!

As the weekend continued, so did the races. As you can see from the newsletter, more races are being announced every week and it's great to see some of you testing yourself and getting the well earned BLING! In Wales James William completed the Llangollen Fell Run, 17 tough miles around the Dee Valley. Great photos too James! Just for fun, Wayne Walker and Lynda Peacock ran the Ashridge Boundary Run on Sunday. I must speak to the Captain and get that as a club run on the calendar soon! Jen Garner visited her mum for a chat via a 15 mile run (as you do!). VC Andy was earning his holiday Ice Cream and Cornish Pasties with runs along the Cornish Coast. Closer to home Jenna Parker and Carole both nailed 10k’s,  in fact it was Jenna’s first ever 10K. Well done Jenna!!!


Have a great week....

Ian B

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