The club is always grateful of whatever support it gets but maybe you were wondering how you could be part of some of our great events? I imagine sometimes people are concerned about what could be involved, or how much time helping could take up, but don’t worry, normally it’s just a couple of hours of your time and a whole bunch of cheering and enthusiasm.

Why do people volunteer?

  • ** Many people volunteer because they want to put something back into the club that has perhaps given them a lot in the past
  • ** People who are passionate about sport, especially running or about supporting local events in the community
  • ** They want others to enjoy what they have been privileged to enjoy
  • ** Perhaps they understand that if no-one volunteers that events cannot take place, and therefore want to help make stuff happen

Three Counties Cross Country - 24th November

Santa Dash 2019 - 30th November

Select the event(s) you are available to volunteer for.