This week, I've been thinking lots about Leighton Fun Runners and what makes us different from other running clubs. One of the things that stood out for me is the amazing team spirit and camaraderie we have built up over the years. Taking a look back at events in the past few months, there's nothing better to see than a group of club runners cheering on and supporting fellow LFR's right to the end of the race, or runners of all abilities stepping up to help lead group runs on club nights and weekends, and I think thats what makes us special. We pull together and support each other and that, in my opinion, is the best characteristic a club could have.

We've talked a lot recently about volunteering and how you can get involved with the club more but have you ever stopped to wonder how a running club functions? How races, events, club nights and meets go from idea to reality? Running clubs provide valuable services to the community fulfilling athletic, charity, social functions as well as providing a place for people to very simply get together and exercise.

The club is always grateful of whatever support it gets but maybe you were wondering how you could be part of some of our great events? I imagine sometimes people are concerned about what could be involved, or how much time helping could take up, but don’t worry, normally it's just a couple of hours of your time and a whole bunch of cheering and enthusiasm.

Why do people volunteer?

  • Many people volunteer because they want to put something back into the club that has perhaps given them a lot in the past.
  • People who are passionate about sport, especially running or about supporting local events in the community
  • They want others to enjoy what they have been privileged to enjoy
  • Perhaps they understand that if no-one volunteers that events cannot take place, and therefore want to help make stuff happen.

What do LFR members help with?

  • Run leaders (weekend long runs, club nights, Fartlek sessions, track sessions, S&S sessions)
  • First Aid
  • Cake night assistance at HQ
  • Marshaling at events like parkrun, Leighton 10k
  • Event support (MK Marathon, London Marathon, Leighton 10k, Dirt Half and XC series )
  • Writing articles for our website (race reports, blogs, interesting links)
  • Social events (attendance, support, kit)

Why do our volunteers do it?"

"If you can make the event memorable for the runners, I find that the satisfaction and reward are greater from volunteering than from running in the event yourself. People remember the event and they remember you. And you make more friends!”

Anthony Smith

“There is nothing more rewarding than being part of helping someone achieve something.“

Carrie Tyas

“The old adage “you get back what you put in" is very true, giving up a few hours to volunteer pays dividends in the warm glow of knowing you are helping out at a worthwhile event, seeing other people benefit from your efforts and getting to know other people who you might not normally come into contact with"

Christine Ayers

So, if you’re interested in helping out with a run, or marshaling at an event or just pouring tea at the 5caKe night, please do let us know. It's always good to see new members wanting to get more involved and give something back and we guarantee it's good fun too!

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