What happened to my mojo?

Has anyone anyone seen my running mojo?

Since I sprained my ankle in February I have felt quite down about how much running fitness I have lost.  This time last year I was running a 10k most weekends and was achieving a new PB each time.  This year my running has been limited to the Tuesday runs and only a few races.  With a Half Marathon looming I really should be running more often but I seem to find any excuse not to run.  I feel like i’m not alone at the moment in not feeling the love for running so thought I’d have a look to see what advice was out there. 

  1. Focus on how great you feel post run - We all have to admit we get a buzz after a run and even though Fartlek tough last week and I could have easily bowed out at the 3 miler option I stayed with the 5 milers and I really did feel great after.
  2. Change your scenery/time of day - I’m definitely not complaining as the weather is beautiful but running at any time of the day is going to result in a warm run and not really having anywhere that allows you to escape the warmth is definitely not helping.  I’m hoping the cooler weather will help bring back my mojo.
  3. Loose the Garmin - EEEEEKKKKKK this one really freaks me out.  At the moment I am really enjoying looking at segments and feel that wanting to beat or at least get near to some of my previous PB’s has actually given me a little bit of motivation.  Have you tried this? Let me know how you got on, at the moment I’m still feeling if it’s not on Strava it didn’t happen.
  4. Take a break - Although I haven’t been running that much I am trying to stay active and hitting the woods on my bike has be an nice change in activity until I start feeling the love again.
  5. Run with a friend - This one may be a huge contributing factor.  Most of my running buddies are whipping my arse at the moment and I’d be the holding them back if I went out with them.  I have massive fear of running alone and go off way too quick and then give up after a mile.  I’ve never successfully run more than about 2 miles alone.
  6. Don’t worry about the plan -  I have decided not to stress out about the training plan for my Half.  I’m instead I’m going to take each week as it comes and fit it around what else is going on.  It is summer after all and it won’t be here for ever.
  7. Go shopping - This one might actually be the answer but it will be an expensive one.  I’m desperate to find some comfortable summer running gear.  Top wise I’m sorted but i’m sure a lot of ladies out there can sympathise with the claustrophobic feeling of trying to get out of a hot sweaty sport bra and mine all take a lot of contortion to get out of.  My short are also not great as the ride up and give me hideous bulges round my thighs, which I’m sure no one else notices but really bother me.

Do you have any suggestions?  Anyone else out there not feeling the love that wants to buddy up with me for some more social runs?  Hopefully it won't stay away for much longer and I can get to enjoy my runs again soon.

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